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Bots are invading your mobile games: Get ready to take them on!

These days, gaming skills aren’t the only factor that helps a player to win; they can win without really trying – or even having to play the game. This sounds absurd, but it is entirely possible with the rise of bots.
Bot usage is increasingly prevalent in the online world. The rapid popularity of using bots in games, however, is causing big troubles for mobile game developers. Why is this the case?

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Unlocking Super Aggregation (part 4): Differentiating your strategy for success

The last three parts of our exclusive Unlocking Super Aggregation blog series took us on a tour though the world of super aggregation, from exploring the role of the RDK Technical Advisory Board (RTAB) to delving into the significance of certification within this dynamic landscape.
Let’s summarize the key insights from the previous parts and outline strategies for differentiating your approach in the video entertainment industry in this final part.

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