Remote working drives ransomware epidemic: How ISPs can protect their business customers

As COVID-19 restrictions forced millions to work from home, many employers made hasty provision for remote working. Cybercriminals responded with an epidemic of ransomware attacks that paralyzed all kinds of businesses. With many companies now choosing for hybrid work-from-office/work-from-home policies, Irdeto’s Ronald Peters looks at how ISPs have an opportunity to help their business subscribers implement successful, secure home worker programs.

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Bandwidth Battles – Helping households get a handle on their broadband usage

In most parts of the world, we appear to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel where it comes to COVID. With it, panic buying has disappeared but one thing that may stay in short supply is broadband bandwidth in the homes. Irdeto’s Trusted Home solution has some new features that are helping Internet Service Providers keep the peace in subscriber households beset by bandwidth battles.

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Fast track to be a better broadband experience – A Trusted Home turnkey mesh Wi-Fi solution

Irdeto’s Trusted Home offers attractive advanced features to broadband subscribers and is vendor agnostic so it can be installed on any brand of router. But many service providers want to fast-track their roll-out of mesh Wi-Fi, so Irdeto has partnered with Motorola to offer a turnkey solution of Trusted Home pre-installed on high-performance mesh Wi-Fi routers.

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Protecting routers from ‘the perfect storm’

As routers become more advanced and take a greater role in delivering advanced services, they also become an even more attractive target for bad actors. There should be few things that scare broadband service providers more than their router population becoming infected with persistent malware.
In this blog, we will cover the importance for ISPs to have a trusted and unclonable identity into each CPE in order to safeguard the integrity of their own network and services. Plus we will answer how ISPs can ensure that its CPE suppliers build the right security foundation into the CPE and that their CPE always runs the intended software, and any malicious modification is detected and efficiently remediated.

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