<h1>Ettore Benedetti</h1>

Ettore Benedetti

Ettore is Product Manager and cybersecurity expert at Irdeto. He is responsible for building the identity and key management solutions that major manufacturers and communication service providers trust for protecting their investments in services, networks and, devices at scale. Ettore holds six patents in the area of embedded security solutions. Prior to Irdeto, Ettore worked at Thales on survivable networks for the battlefield and obtained a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Padua (Italy) and the University of Essex (UK).
Navigating IT OT convergence

Navigating IT OT convergence

IT OT convergence makes a lot of sense as we are moving toward always-connected products and data-driven insights and value streams. But is it possible to create synergies and reuse the same security solutions across both domains?
Will there ever come a time when an organization can manage the security of their fielded products in the same way as they manage the security of their IT systems today. Read ahead to find out!