New Cloakware® Report out now! Cloakware® Report, Edition 2: “Protect Your Software. Protect Your Business.”

Venn Diagram: What are the key business drivers for Software Protection - with examples

Most thinking around cybersecurity is dominated by the fear factor; what will happen to our company is our name is all over the internet in connection with a data breach or other cyberattack? In the second edition of the Cloakware Report we suggest that there is more to software protection than this…

The Spectre of Un-Patchable Hardware Haunts Us All — Don’t Meltdown!

Specter and Meltdown hacks

Ofttimes it has been difficult to explain the role of software protection in hardware-protected secure systems, but recently security researchers have helped us out by providing many examples of zero-day exploits where flaws that are baked into hardware or firmware lead to exploitable vulnerabilities in systems. In this article we are having a look at Spectre & Meltdown and explore how these attacks could have been avoided using application protection technology.