Category: Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity in the 5G era: Nightmare or opportunity?

5G is revolutionizing connectivity in the home and on the move. But broadband service providers must consider the security implications. Irdeto recently joined a Telecoms World Asia webinar on Cybersecurity Threats in the 5G era. A key takeaway was the potential for security to be a big competitive differentiator.

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Distractions, threats and reassurances in the COVID-19 era

Whether it is mullet-haired Joe Exotic and his antics in “Tiger King”, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo providing almost presidential daily press conferences or Bill Gates outlining what we are all up against during this global Covid-19 pandemic, various forms of distraction appear to be the norm. But assessing the threats and providing reassurance are the driving motives.

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Increase in Piracy During Pandemic Lockdown

During the COVID-19 pandemic, daily life has gone digital. People are seeking innovative ways of staying connected and entertained while remaining safe at home. Puzzles, toys, and game sales have surged. Unfortunately, piracy is also on the rise. As the world economy gradually reopens, pirates will continue to take advantage of increased demand for new content. Protecting content from piracy will be crucial to mitigating revenue loss during this unprecedented time.

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