Category: Software Protection

Application security: a developer’s perspective

Mobile app developers work hard and keeping up with app security eats up a lot of their time and keeps them from doing what they love – developing amazing new mobile apps! The question is, how can we make their lives easier? In this blog Catherine Chambers talks about why zero-touch app security just might be the answer.

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Are Mobile Device Management Systems giving you a false sense of security?

Recently, I had the pleasure of joining my colleagues Will Hickie and Andrew Hoyt with Security Boulevard for a webinar on Automating App Security with AI: How to Secure a Million Lines of Code in Five Minutes! In this blog we discuss how a company can tell if one of its mobile apps have been hacked and how maybe Mobile Device Management Systems might not be enough.

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What’s the root of Android application security?

Right now, Android smartphones are dominating the market, so it stands to reason that Android apps and devices are a prime target for cybercriminals. Rooting an Android device makes it even more vulnerable to attacks. In this blog we discuss why it’s so important for app developers to understand the risks to their app and data if they are running on a compromised device.

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Think you know which apps are connecting to your car? Think again!

As major car brands include mobile apps in vehicles, it’s important to plan the security of these apps carefully. From apps that users install on their smart phones to unlock or start their car, to the apps that are used by service technicians for maintenance and diagnostics, the stakes are high if any of these apps are tampered with. In this blog, we look at the types of apps that can be found in a car, and how vital it is to protect them with a robust security solution.

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Jailbreaking is killing your app security

With the increase in use of mobile apps, the risks of being attacked also goes up. One of the most common threats against iOS apps is Jailbreaking. In this blog, we look at the impact of a device being jailbroken, why an app developer should care if their app is being used on a jailbroken device and some of the reasons Jailbreak detection isn’t being used more in apps today.

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The time is now for mobile app protection

Recent announcements and reports show that with the increase of usage in mobile apps, there is indeed an expected increase in the number of cyberattacks. Are apps that contain critical intellectual property the only ones at risk? What about apps that don’t contain secret data or algorithms? Could they need protection too?

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