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Rail cybersecurity from A to Z

Just like anything else in our world, railway systems are becoming digitalized and more connected. But with increased connectivity and dependence on digital technologies, comes a rise in security threats This article will detail what is the wider context of this and what can you do to protect your industry.

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Navigating IT OT convergence

IT OT convergence makes a lot of sense as we are moving toward always-connected products and data-driven insights and value streams. But is it possible to create synergies and reuse the same security solutions across both domains?
Will there ever come a time when an organization can manage the security of their fielded products in the same way as they manage the security of their IT systems today. Read ahead to find out!

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Rail and Cybersecurity: The growing gap

The rail industry is growing in usage and connectivity. As one drives the other, the importance of cybersecurity will only increase. As the rail industry prospers, it becomes a more desirable target to increasingly skilled and equipped hackers and new demands are put upon aging, potentially difficult to replace infrastructure.

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Think the hardware in your car is secure? You might be surprised at our findings…

One of the biggest hurdles in securing hardware is the cost. Understandably, this could prevent smaller device manufactures in securing their hardware, but why would this be an issue for the vehicle industry when the average connected car costs upwards of US$50K? In this blog, we look at what could be preventing the connected car industry from securing their hardware.

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