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“Wow” your customers without breaking the bank

Delivering a great broadband experience is at the heart of every ISP.  And delivering this great experience is even more critical when a customer contacts the customer care desk. The customer expects the care rep to understand and solve his problem during the first contact. And the care rep needs to keep truck rolls (engineer visit to the customer’s home) only when absolutely necessary to keep costs down. It’s little wonder that the prospect of customer care efficiencies and effectiveness is a key driver for operator uptake of our Trusted Home Wi-Fi management and security solution.

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Back to school…maybe.

With the uncertainty surrounding of children going back to school or continuing in-home learning, it is timely to talk about managing kids time on screens. Although no two families’ approach on this topic is the same, there’s strong evidence that many want help in applying screen time limits. In this blog, I share my thoughts on how ISPs can help parents when every family has a different approach to digital parenting.

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Cybersecurity: Consumers have spoken

With Coronavirus forcing unprecedented use of home broadband, Irdeto launched an international survey to discover the impact on consumer attitudes to cybersecurity. The results revealed some surprises for ISPs. But what should they do now to respond to consumer needs?

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Cybersecurity in the 5G era: Nightmare or opportunity?

5G is revolutionizing connectivity in the home and on the move. But broadband service providers must consider the security implications. Irdeto recently joined a Telecoms World Asia webinar on Cybersecurity Threats in the 5G era. A key takeaway was the potential for security to be a big competitive differentiator.

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Is it time to ditch the term “Smart Home”?

What’s in a name? For ISPs there could be a whole load of business tied up in a simple change from “smart” to “connected”. Marketing “smart home” solutions could be excluding a huge chunk of the broadband subscriber base that doesn’t realize quite how smart their home has become.

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