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Unlocking Super Aggregation (part 4): Differentiating your strategy for success

The last three parts of our exclusive Unlocking Super Aggregation blog series took us on a tour though the world of super aggregation, from exploring the role of the RDK Technical Advisory Board (RTAB) to delving into the significance of certification within this dynamic landscape.
Let’s summarize the key insights from the previous parts and outline strategies for differentiating your approach in the video entertainment industry in this final part.

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Unlocking Super Aggregation (part 2): Navigating the opportunities and challenges  

In today’s fast-paced and fiercely competitive landscape, the survival of pay-TV providers, Telcos and media companies hinges on a revolutionary concept: Super aggregation.
What exactly is super aggregation? What is propelling its rise? Who are the key players championing this paradigm shift? What challenges and opportunities lie on the horizon? These questions will be addressed in this blog.

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The real threats of VPN usage to streaming services: Are you aware of them?  

Along with methods like content key exploitation and session token hijacking, which interfere with the deep-down information processing to grant unauthorized access to the OTT content, there is a popular piracy strategy for getting over geo-restrictions. This is the usage of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Let’s dive into how it happens as well as the potential threats for streaming service providers in this blog.

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