At Irdeto, our people are our biggest strength and diversity in all aspects of our business is important to us. Not only does building and nurturing a diverse workforce create innovative ideas that drive corporate success… it’s simply the right thing to do. We are fully committed to providing an inclusive and supportive work environment for everyone, and we know that feeling safe and included is important in building the type of company we want Irdeto to continue to be.

D&I starts with you!

In 2019, we started our D&I journey, with an internal campaign, “D&I Starts with You!” We still believe this to be true today – everyone’s actions make a difference and help create an inclusive environment!

Diversity at Irdeto is celebrated by recognizing and encouraging the unique differences, opinions, talents, perspectives and backgrounds that each of us bring to our work daily. Inclusion is fostered through encouraging curiosity, kindness and respect among everyone.

These aspects are not optional – without an inclusive culture where people feel safe to be their unique selves, express themselves honestly and challenge the status quo, we will never experience the true richness of our diversity.

Since 2019, we’ve made great strides in diversity and inclusion as an organization. In 2022, we made a commitment to report externally on our D&I progress on an annual basis, and we’re happy to be transparent in sharing where we are on our journey; to inspire others and learn from each other!

What were our key takeaways during 2022?

Last year’s highlights and key takeaways were as follows:

  1. Data collection and tracking is key
    You cannot manage what you do not measure, and as a company made up of predominantly engineers, we love our data! By aggregating anonymous data on our people, we’ve been able to baseline against industry standards to determine our D&I strategy and set ambitious goals to create a more diverse workforce. Measured on a quarterly basis, we’re able to see if the actions and initiatives we’ve implemented are working. And if not, why, and what needs to be changed to achieve success.
  2. D&I is a business priority
    Diversity and inclusion is a hot topic, but at Irdeto it’s more than just a slogan or posters on the wall. We’ve embedded D&I efforts into our HR initiatives such as unconscious bias education, monthly leadership sessions that focus on key challenges managers face and extra employee referral bonuses for diverse candidates, to name a few.
    Mandatory diverse succession planning has also been implemented for all managers, not to set quotas – at Irdeto the right person is always chosen for the job, no matter what – but to highlight employees that we can nurture to build a more diverse leadership team, organically.
  3. It’s a journey, not a destination
    We are on a learning journey, both collectively and individually. We have ambitious goals, but we know that they will evolve over time. We are committed to education, awareness and advocacy, challenging each other to drive change along the way.
  4. It’s about building and keeping the best people
    Irdeto is fortunate to have great people working for it. We know that it’s not just about bringing in new diverse talent, but nurturing and retaining the great employees we already have. We do this by offering mentorship opportunities to every single employee to help them feel fulfilled and open new doors!
  5. Inclusion drives innovation
    We know that innovation is a key business driver (it’s one of our core values), but without a culture of safety to speak out, people are less likely to share their ideas.
    We’re promoting an open and transparent culture that values everyone’s ideas equally as everyone is an individual with a unique way of sharing feedback. To accommodate their feedback, we’ve created several mechanisms to share ideas, including Hackathons, all-hands meetings, anonymous feedback loops and most importantly an open-door policy for conversations at every level of the organization.

Would you like to join the conversation?

We have exciting work ahead to achieve our ambitious goals; everyone at Irdeto is excited and committed to doing their part to create a diverse and inclusive company, where everyone can contribute authentically.

What do you think? Do you want to know more about what we’re doing, or do you have ideas you want to share?

Reach out to us at diversityandinclusion(at) and let’s continue the conversation!