Right now, the world is going through a process of holistic change to resolve systemic, divisive issues rooted deep within society. Times are turbulent, uncertain, somewhat scary, and we’re navigating our way through them in the best way we know how – together. With our 50 years of heritage, we’ve learned a thing or two about how we can weave diversity and inclusion into our workplace.

Here at Irdeto, we are actively and consistently developing our diversity and inclusion element of who we are. We recognize it is integral to do so and ensure we fulfill our duty to building a more inclusive and diverse work environment. By any means, this is no small feat and we’re still working on it! In doing so, we’re creating conversations throughout our workforce, understanding what inclusion and diversity mean to Irdeto employees, and actioning the changes that need to be made.

Throughout June, we’re celebrating Pride: a celebration for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary and queer, social self-acceptance, achievements, legal rights, and pride – as you can see, we have so many reasons to celebrate! In celebrating Pride, we’ve organized internal activities and are providing an opportunity for people to come together (virtually and at a distance) to engage in important conversations, bring joy to the cohort and learn more about how we’re working towards #BuildingAnInclusiveWorld.

To understand what diversity and inclusion means to different people, we reached out to employees in our offices across the globe. We had more than 100 conversations with our global family, who expressed their thoughts, feelings, and attitudes towards what diversity and inclusion means to them. Some of the responses are written below:



We used this valuable feedback to define our internal diversity and inclusion pillars.  And of course, because we are a tech company, we used an AI algorithm to analyze the key themes, words, and topics which appeared within the responses. The pillars are featured below:

  • People – Our Irdeto people are at the heart of our decisions. We work together, across teams, to meet the needs of our employees and stakeholders
  • Respect – At Irdeto, we respect and celebrate the differences and individuality of each of our people.
  • Voice – Irdeto has a safe and inclusive environment, where our people can raise their voice to share new points of view and innovate.
  • Equality – Irdeto provides a workplace with equal opportunities and fair treatment for everyone. We encourage their development and growth

Irdeto aims to become the security leader in our connected world, today and into the future. Our ability to reach these challenging goals comes down to our differentiating factor: Our people. Our people are at the core of what we do, who we are, and what we are accountable for. We have a duty to them. Irdeto is accountable for ensuring that our employees feel not only a part of the team but their true selves while at work. This is why Irdeto is proud to support the Pride celebrations and movement.

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