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ChatGPT: A curveball for cybersecurity

Many of you will by now have heard of ChatGPT. It’s an interactive and incredibly powerful machine learning tool that can generate human-like responses across a wide range of topics. Every innovation, though, has its pros and cons. While ChatGPT was coded with good intentions, let’s explore how the tool could be problematic from a cybersecurity standpoint.

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10 Myths in Cybersecurity – Cybersecurity Month Edition

Cybersecurity has emerged as the business imperative in the modern digital world. Regardless of their business nature, size, and industry, global organizations have started investing heavily in cyber defense and training. However, despite the growing emphasis on securing business, several myths and misconceptions about cybersecurity prevent companies from building a robust cybersecurity posture.

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Protecting routers from ‘the perfect storm’

As routers become more advanced and take a greater role in delivering advanced services, they also become an even more attractive target for bad actors. There should be few things that scare broadband service providers more than their router population becoming infected with persistent malware.
In this blog, we will cover the importance for ISPs to have a trusted and unclonable identity into each CPE in order to safeguard the integrity of their own network and services. Plus we will answer how ISPs can ensure that its CPE suppliers build the right security foundation into the CPE and that their CPE always runs the intended software, and any malicious modification is detected and efficiently remediated.

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Positive first steps with EU IP Action Plan

With most of the world immersed in the distractions and challenges of Covid-19, vaccines, US presential election outcomes and more, you’d be excused for not being fully up to speed on the inner workings of intellectual property (IP) frameworks within the European Union. However, there are some important policy and legislative changes underway right now which are likely to have a significant long-term impact on the pay media landscape. Let’s take a deeper dive.

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Distractions, threats and reassurances in the COVID-19 era

Whether it is mullet-haired Joe Exotic and his antics in “Tiger King”, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo providing almost presidential daily press conferences or Bill Gates outlining what we are all up against during this global Covid-19 pandemic, various forms of distraction appear to be the norm. But assessing the threats and providing reassurance are the driving motives.

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