[Podcast #1] Cybersecurity meets MedTech: Unveiling our new podcast ‘Cybersecurity Talks’

We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand-new podcast series, ‘Cybersecurity Talks,’ and what better way to start than with a fascinating journey into MedTech cybersecurity?  

Join our host Mark Stobbart and Astrid Courtay, Irdeto’s MedTech Business Development Manager, as they discuss where healthcare meets technology and security. 

In the first ‘Cybersecurity Talks’ we: 

  • Reveal Irdeto’s critical role in MedTech cybersecurity.
  • Insights on the influence of global MedTech conferences. 
  • Tackle the pressing issue of legacy medical device security. 
  • Anticipate the innovative changes on the horizon. 

Join us in this episode as we pave the way for a series of engaging discussions on the forefront of cybersecurity. 

Tune in to our first episode now!