2020 was a crazy year. Cyberattacks seemed to increase by the second, as hackers specifically began to target healthcare companies. As I noted in some earlier blogs, malicious cyberattacks on medical devices in 2020 had devastating consequences that caused patients to lose confidence. And with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to surge with no end in sight, the challenges that connected healthcare companies will face in 2021 will only increase.

As a result of these challenges, the FDA recently warned that medical devices must improve security to achieve compliance with constantly changing regulations, which are getting increasingly complex. Innovation is amazing and essential, but every technical advance creates new opportunities for hackers to wreak havoc. Hospitals are particularly vulnerable at this time because they are overwhelmed by COVID-19, making it much easier to compromise a hospital’s computer networks and medical devices. So how can those in the healthcare value chain community be certain that their defenses against a growing range of intensifying cyberattacks are as strong as possible?

Increase MedTech cybersecurity, without slowing down innovation

Does your organization have healthcare cybersecurity concerns? Could you benefit from some free tips to protect your business? Sometimes, an outside expert voice is just what a business needs to hear to enhance your cybersecurity. 

The Business Value of Cybersecurity in MedTech Report

I am proud to announce that Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform security, has collaborated with Censuswide, the survey consultants, to create a dynamic, new cybersecurity report: The Business Value of Cybersecurity in MedTech. In it, we identify:

• How healthcare companies can improve patient outcomes
• Keys to making better data-driven decisions
• Solutions that increase trust and generate more revenue

Some additional key issues that are discussed include healthcare cybersecurity concerns and technical challenges that companies face and the increasing impact of The Internet of Medical Things. Still not curious? Here are some alarming statistics about the current state that shows you why it is so important to get the report:

Act fast, get the report now

If healthcare technology providers are not aware of their vulnerabilities, it’s essential that they take a proactive approach to cybersecurity and regulatory standards to ensure that a patient’s health and data are never comprised. Take a look to see if the The Business Value of Cybersecurity in MedTech Report can help your business stay safe. Download it here for free.

About Irdeto Connected Health

Headquartered in The Netherlands, Irdeto Connected Health supports medical devices and digital health companies in their secure device lifecycle management and ensures their devices can be trusted in hostile environments. We are a trusted security partner for a best-in-class user and device authentication, integrity verification, and data confidentiality with a dedicated team that embraces the highest embedded software security expertise and regulatory compliance.

Irdeto helps companies thrive

Whether you are an early-stage healthcare device and software company or an established healthcare company, Irdeto can help. Our solutions and services help companies build secure software and device ecosystems that enable medical devices and digital health solutions to thrive. Possessing over 50 years of security expertise, Irdeto’s core competencies provide the essential building blocks needed to secure a medical device and software and meet cybersecurity regulatory and compliance requirements. 

Got questions? Irdeto offers modular cybersecurity solutions and services to smaller startups to help them scale up their cybersecurity capabilitiesCall us to see what we can do for your business.

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