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Managing piracy and malware – the twin threats to open platforms

The wave of pay TV operators buying into Android TV has turned into an unstoppable tide, but it carries a security risk that pay TV operators have never had to deal with before – malicious apps invading their pristine set top environment. They must balance the latitude offered by the open source approach with the need to finesse the user experience while protecting their ecosystems and business models.

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Can you juggle frequent updates on Android TV?

Updating set-top box software is something operators do infrequently and only when they need new features or security functions. With Android TV, this practice must change because Google mandates a software update policy. Is keeping Android TV updated going to be a pain for operators?

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How fast can you REALLY launch an Android TV box

Android TV is an attractive option for operators because they can cut the time and effort of launching a set-top box from 18 months (or more), with traditional middleware, down to a fraction of that. However, the question many will be asking is how quickly can you REALLY launch your own brand of Android TV box?

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How to manage security threats on Android TV

Android TV is an open environment that could make operators love it, or hate it. There are many reasons for loving it. But there is only one main reason for potentially hating it… the security risk associated with it being open.

Threats are a reality in any environment.

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IBC 2017 Reflections: much the same but different

Another IBC has come and gone. Who would believe it – this year was my 15th in a row! How did it compare? As you’d expect with a mature industry there was much the same, but it was refreshing to see some differences. See if you agree with my reflections?

Comfortably familiar
Walking into Hall 1, you experience that wave of excitement and

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Android conquered mobile, now how about TV?

Crossing the showfloor at IBC 2017 this week will be CTOs of telcos and pay TV providers from Europe and beyond, diligently investigating whether to deploy their service on Android TV. They would be in good company. As of mid-2017, Irdeto reports more than 20 well-known deployments around the world.

Undeniably part of the attraction is the middleware’s support for both broadcast and OTT services.

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What control will operators give up to Android TV?

Android TV is a hot topic in the industry. Many operators appreciate the benefits it offers. Some of these are described in my blog comparing Android TV to middleware. But a major concern remains: “how much control will I give up to Google?” Probably less than you think!

You have full control of the STB, not Google.
Yes, it’s true.

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