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Can you juggle frequent updates on Android TV?

Updating set-top box software is something operators do infrequently and only when they need new features or security functions. With Android TV, this practice must change because Google mandates a software update policy. Is keeping Android TV updated going to be a pain for operators?

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How fast can you REALLY launch an Android TV box

Android TV is an attractive option for operators because they can cut the time and effort of launching a set-top box from 18 months (or more), with traditional middleware, down to a fraction of that. However, the question many will be asking is how quickly can you REALLY launch your own brand of Android TV box?

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Future-proofing your OTT content protection

Delivering and monetizing OTT content means you have to make some key decisions. Which security solution, which delivery mechanism, and which devices? When industry standards exist, you can move forward with confidence. But without them, the future can be full of pitfalls.

Cautionary Tale: Veronica Mars
When Veronica Mars premiered via Ultraviolet (UV) in the UK, it was supposed to be delivered via Flixster.

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OTT through a broadcast lens

At a recent customer meeting, “why is multi-screen limited to OTT?” was one of the questions. My answer? It doesn’t need to be. And for this broadcast customer it definitely shouldn’t be. Let me share some of the themes from the meeting.

Why start from scratch?
This established broadcast player has a strong DTH brand with a large loyal customer base. And like many, wanted to retain their subscribers by setting up an OTT service that would tick the “multi-screen” box. Makes sense – right?

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