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Cybersecurity in the 5G era: Nightmare or opportunity?

5G is revolutionizing connectivity in the home and on the move. But broadband service providers must consider the security implications. Irdeto recently joined a Telecoms World Asia webinar on Cybersecurity Threats in the 5G era. A key takeaway was the potential for security to be a big competitive differentiator.

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Is it time to ditch the term “Smart Home”?

What’s in a name? For ISPs there could be a whole load of business tied up in a simple change from “smart” to “connected”. Marketing “smart home” solutions could be excluding a huge chunk of the broadband subscriber base that doesn’t realize quite how smart their home has become.

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Smart CSPs can deliver the Trusted Home

Some 20 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be sold in the next few years, a large proportion of which will be to augment the smart home for everything from heating, ventilation and lighting control to CCTV, smart assistants and nanny-cams. As a result, there are challenges around security, connectivity and control which must be addressed

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