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Going Quaran-green during COVID

Corporate Social Responsibility is essential to ensuring each company is doing their bit for the environment. Learn more in our blog from Arjen on what we’ve been getting up to throughout quarantine from each corner of the world whilst residing at home.

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How can hospitals be CONFIDENT in the security of their connected infrastructures – even in a pandemic?

Increasing risk of cyberthreats looms as the world comes to a standstill from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. At the same time, the global healthcare system struggles to address the growing number of people testing positive for the virus.

However, as we become an increasingly connected healthcare ecosystem, more vulnerabilities present themselves. There is a new wave of cyberattacks, particularly in healthcare, and it is imminent to “Safeguard against COVID-19 Personification,” as we take a look at securing critical healthcare services at risk.

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Increased cyber risks for video game publishers from record breaking usage

With the Covid-19 crisis escalating worldwide, the intense focus on this pandemic is affecting everyone’s attention span in unprecedented ways. Distraction by an unknown threat means people not only seek refuge in reliable information, but often pursue a sense of community and/or withdrawal online. Some of the websites that are seeing higher than normal traffic and activity are productivity tools, web applications, and entertainment sites.

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