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Bots are invading your mobile games: Get ready to take them on!

These days, gaming skills aren’t the only factor that helps a player to win; they can win without really trying – or even having to play the game. This sounds absurd, but it is entirely possible with the rise of bots.
Bot usage is increasingly prevalent in the online world. The rapid popularity of using bots in games, however, is causing big troubles for mobile game developers. Why is this the case?

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Irdeto at Gamescom 2023: 5 interesting takeaways 

Gamescom never lets us down and this year’s edition was no exception. Gamescom 2023, as it does every year, served as the connection hub for the entire gaming industry’s ecosystem, drew 320,000 participants, including over 31,000 trade visitors and 1,227 exhibitors. Here is the fascinating recap in case you missed it or want to relive the buzz from a month ago. 

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The real threats of VPN usage to streaming services: Are you aware of them?  

Along with methods like content key exploitation and session token hijacking, which interfere with the deep-down information processing to grant unauthorized access to the OTT content, there is a popular piracy strategy for getting over geo-restrictions. This is the usage of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Let’s dive into how it happens as well as the potential threats for streaming service providers in this blog.

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[FREE E-BOOK] How do you protect your mobile game without a ton of effort?

A hassle-free solution is therefore highly necessary as no developer wants to complicate their development workflow unnecessarily with time-consuming and complicated protection. For this reason, the integration method of a mobile game protection measure sometimes becomes a deal breaker for many studios. This fact raises the question of whether common integration methods currently available on the market can meet this desire. Is there an easier and more effective way to achieve it? Find the answers in our new e-book “How to protect your mobile game without a ton of effort.” 

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