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Rail cybersecurity from A to Z

Just like anything else in our world, railway systems are becoming digitalized and more connected. But with increased connectivity and dependence on digital technologies, comes a rise in security threats This article will detail what is the wider context of this and what can you do to protect your industry.

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Medical device security management – what you need to know

There is little doubt that the future of healthcare will rely more on always-connected devices, Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), cloud computing and vast amounts of data processing. However, moving medical devices outside of the security provided within a managed hospital network and placing them at our homes increases the risk of cyberattacks. So, how manufacturers can face the ongoing challenge of ensuring security of their devices and the ever-increasing pressure by the regulatory bodies?  

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10 Myths in Cybersecurity – Cybersecurity Month Edition

Cybersecurity has emerged as the business imperative in the modern digital world. Regardless of their business nature, size, and industry, global organizations have started investing heavily in cyber defense and training. However, despite the growing emphasis on securing business, several myths and misconceptions about cybersecurity prevent companies from building a robust cybersecurity posture.

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How can Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) help secure your medical devices?  

To secure against potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities, Medical Device Manufacturers (MDMs) should enroll their medical devices into a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), a trusted and widely used cryptographic practice that ensures operational safety. Learn more about securing your medical device with a PKI from our free e-book: “Why should Medical Device Manufacturers (MDMs) secure their devices with a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)?”

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