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Bots and hardware cheats in video games: New challenges for game cybersecurity

Rather than spending long hours within a game environment, cheaters are using bots to advance through a title and build their in-game character. Using gaming bots and hardware cheats not only facilitates criminal money earnings, but also gives unscrupulous players the ability to super-enhance their in-game characters. What techniques are they using and what can you do to stop them? Read on to find that out! 

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Top 5 features of an excellent anti-cheat solution provider 

With 32% of gamers admitting to cheating at least once and 77% of players being likely to leave the game if there were cheaters, it’s only natural that gaming studios big and small are looking for ways to protect their titles from cheaters. But with the current choice on the market, there comes the question: how to tell an excellent anti-cheat solution provider from an average one? Read the top 5 features to look out for!

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Anti-cheat in video games: The A to Z

Video gaming has been growing at an astonishing rate – especially in the last two years, during the COVID-19 pandemic. With this increase, we have also been observing a rise in cheating – and the ways in which it happens also become more sophisticated. How does cheating affect honest players, game developers and the industry as a whole? And is there a solution to this problem? In this article, we discuss it from A to Z – happy reading!

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