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Innovating together everywhere: Our 2021 Hackathon

At Irdeto, we run an internal, annual Hackathon that brings together colleagues from across the globe to participate in 26 hours of innovation to inspire, collaborate and innovate together anywhere. More than 25% of Irdeto employees have taken part in the global Hackathon this year, with many different departments being included.

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Are you ready for the new EU MDR cybersecurity requirements?

Sweeping new medical device regulations are about to go into effect in Europe. Among the changes is the increased emphasis on cybersecurity. Whether it’s existing medical devices and software or new ones under development, cybersecurity must now be top of mind for MDMs at all stages of development and the earlier the better.

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Application security: a developer’s perspective

Mobile app developers work hard and keeping up with app security eats up a lot of their time and keeps them from doing what they love – developing amazing new mobile apps! The question is, how can we make their lives easier? In this blog Catherine Chambers talks about why zero-touch app security just might be the answer.

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