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[FREE E-BOOK] How do you protect your mobile game without a ton of effort?

A hassle-free solution is therefore highly necessary as no developer wants to complicate their development workflow unnecessarily with time-consuming and complicated protection. For this reason, the integration method of a mobile game protection measure sometimes becomes a deal breaker for many studios. This fact raises the question of whether common integration methods currently available on the market can meet this desire. Is there an easier and more effective way to achieve it? Find the answers in our new e-book “How to protect your mobile game without a ton of effort.” 

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[FREE E-BOOK] Top post-launch challenges for mobile games in 2023 and how to face them 

Today’s game industry presents developers with a variety of challenges right after they release a mobile game. These challenges, if not addressed, will put the success of your mobile game and your well-deserved income at stake! 
Do you know what these challenges are, their impacts on your titles and how to face them? Download our e-book to learn more!

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