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Are online video analytics enough on their own?

Marketers rely on analytics for evidence-based decision making. And analytic tools provide the insight needed into the customer viewing experience and drives continual improvement. But how reliable are those decisions if the insight doesn’t give the full picture?

Online video is exploding
There’s no doubt about it, the popularity of online video continues to grow. As a core offering, it’s right that pay-TV operators want to better understand the trends and operational performance affecting their business and be able to respond more effectively.

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Give consumers what they want

“People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Was Steve Jobs right? Is the role of the pay-TV operator about making it easier for consumers to find and consume content? Showing them what is available.

You’re the one that I want
The good news is that despite a sluggish economy for many countries, McKinsey & Company highlighted in their global media report (2013) that spending on media and entertainment grew 5.8% in 2012.

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Netflix: competitor or catalyst for pay-TV operators?

With increasing broadband access, the economics of the broadcast TV industry is bound to change. Just like the newspaper, music and travel industries before it. Is a Netflix threat actually the catalyst that causes the pay-TV operators to review how to capture and retain consumers’ attention?

Pay-TV is dead! Long live OTT services
Consumers want easier access to desirable content, on any device at any time. And value. Not a pre-defined package of 100 channels of which only 4 are watched.

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