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NIS2: One year to go  

Attaining NIS2 compliance is a standard process that requires around 12 months for completion. With non-compliance carrying severe penalties, it’s crucial for businesses, particularly MDMs, to pay attention to the essential components of this Directive, prepare adequately and act before the approaching deadline arrives.
Check out our compliance checklist and actionable steps for MDMs and see how well-prepared your business is

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The implication of NIS2 on medical device cybersecurity

The healthcare industry has made great efforts over the past few years to prevent and mitigate the risks of cyberattacks targeting connected medical devices and healthcare systems. The alarming numbers indicating an increase in cyberattacks against healthcare institutions sadly show that there are still problems to tackle, particularly on the part of MDMs.
The introduction of the NIS2 Directive marks one of the latest and most important attempts to address these challenges. What’s the meaning of NIS2 to the healthcare sector and how do MDMs get started?

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Network Information Systems Security (NIS2) 101 

A number of regulations have been put in place to help fortify medical devices and their manufacturing lines against potential attack patterns, including the revised Directive on the Security of Network and Information Systems (NIS2 Directive). The introduction of NIS2 will help form a better coordinated basis for cybersecurity action. Here’s what you need to know about it.

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