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UHD – The watershed moment for watermarking

If it wasn’t already clear from the all UHD HDR FIFA World Cup, it should be clear from the show floor and conference debate here at IBC2018 that the industry is seeing real momentum in 4K UHD content. As a result, the need for robust protection and tracking of high value content is even more important and this is the main driver for watermarking.

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Crack Kills

In the dictionary, a “Window of Opportunity” is defined as “a favorable opportunity for doing something that must be seized immediately if it is not to be missed.” For video and online game publishers, the window of opportunity for a new game is pretty short. Fourteen days short, to be exact.

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The $2,000 threat to Pay TV

Many Pay TV operators rely on visual marks or “HashCodes” to fingerprint their content so they can trace piracy leaks to the source. But Irdeto investigations have found tools that help pirates remove these marks openly on sale for less than $2,000. So, what’s the alternative?

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Europe flexes its muscles over illegal content online

The EC has ramped up pressure for “swift and proactive” action to tackle illegal content, including copyright infringement. It’s even set a one-hour target for taking down the most harmful content. Could platforms soon face a legally-enforced deadline for removing pirate content?

Newly-published recommendations sets out “operational measures” for combatting illegal content online.

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Will the tech giants burst the value of content?

Content is king! So much so that the tech giants (a.k.a FAANG – Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) are allocating huge budgets to acquiring original content. They want to get into the TV space. But what does this mean for the pay-TV industry? Is it simply supply and demand? Or will inflating content values reach bursting point?

The pay-TV industry is continually evolving to meet the changing needs of its consumers.

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Will landmark piracy case be a black cloud for CloudFlare?

All eyes are on the California District Court – particularly pirates’. Judge George Wu’s interim ruling shows CloudFlare’s defence won’t be a simple open-and-shut case. It’s added suspense normally only reserved for Hollywood court room dramas – not real life. Why is this being touted as a landmark case and what does it mean?

The case: In 2016, adult publisher ALS filed a complaint against Cloudflare (a US CDN provider).

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Site blocking must continue to evolve to remain relevant

Pew Research’s recent study , found that 61% of young adults (18-29) using streaming services as their primary way to watch TV. Given that statistic you can see why site blocking is an important tool in the anti-piracy toolkit. But like the online pirates, it aims to block, it’s critical that site blocking also adapts and evolves.

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