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Application security: a developer’s perspective

Mobile app developers work hard and keeping up with app security eats up a lot of their time and keeps them from doing what they love – developing amazing new mobile apps! The question is, how can we make their lives easier? In this blog Catherine Chambers talks about why zero-touch app security just might be the answer.

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Does your mobile application hide secrets?

With society being forced to stay home because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, people are increasingly turning to mobile devices and applications to occupy their time. Cyber criminals are seeking out any opportunity they can to take advantage of the current circumstances and hack into devices and networks.

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Why application security testing is only half the battle

With the increase of mobile applications being deployed, the market for application security testing tools is growing rapidly and the need for additional application protection is essential. While it is important to use application security testing tools to catch any code errors, it is not the same as protecting an application. Application protection tools are designed to make it unprofitable for a hacker to attack an application.

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