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The panic buying of early 2020 seems a long time ago, but throughout the COVID pandemic some things have remained in short supply. For many homes around the world, broadband bandwidth has been a major crunch point. Irdeto’s Trusted Home solution has some new features that are helping Internet Service Providers keep the peace in subscriber households beset by bandwidth battles.

Getting a true picture of bandwidth usage

ISPs saw internet usage surge by as much as 60% as lockdowns took effect around the world. I’m sure my own household is not alone in having experienced complex negotiations over connectivity in the past year. Does one person’s video conference have greater claim to the available bandwidth than another family member’s online yoga class, Zoom quiz or Google classroom session?

These debates become even more critical if you live in a country where ISPs have introduced data caps to manage network capacity. But if our home is anything to go by, it’s not always clear which devices and which online activities are using up the precious bandwidth, or how close your household is coming to its data cap. That’s where the Trusted Home app and its newly upgraded broadband usage insights come in handy.

Empowering consumers to take control of their broadband experience

The Trusted Home software agent is installed on the consumer’s router by their ISP, gathering telemetry on connectivity and data usage by all connected devices in the home. The subscriber can view this data via the Trusted Home app on any iOS or Android device. The latest version of the app includes a new feature that allows users to review the amount of data consumed by device, service, and family profile in the span of the last hour, day, and week.

In practical terms, this means that the broadband subscriber can easily tell if the household’s monthly data budget is being eaten up by a teenager’s gaming sessions, or if the real culprits are Grandma’s Netflix habit and the endless video meetings of those who are working from home.

It’s a great addition to the existing feature set which already gives Trusted Home users a real-time read out on their overall network performance and security. Figures suggest Trusted Home reduces ISP support calls by up to 30% because households can troubleshoot and resolve their own issues.

Enabling value-based decisions on broadband upgrades

The new Trusted Home features increase the benefits for the ISP by helping subscribers understand where their data is going. It illustrates the value they’re getting from their broadband package and can also help them to proactively identify areas where they could reduce data usage, perhaps by switching to a lower quality stream or disconnecting unnecessary devices.

Putting data usage figures in the subscriber’s hand also helps the ISP when it comes to discussing service upgrades, demonstrating the need for greater speeds or a package with a higher data cap in terms that the subscriber can clearly understand.

For more information on the benefits of Trusted Home, download our brochure, try out our benefits calculator, or contact us for a demonstration.

Ronald Peters | Product Manager, Trusted Home