Broadband subscribers are increasingly discerning about the level of service they expect from their ISP. Great speed on its own is no longer enough. The strong interest in our Trusted Home solution shows service providers globally are responding to this consumer demand by rolling-out new value-added services like security and Wi-Fi management and parental controls.

But in these cost-sensitive times, ISPs are under pressure to deliver these innovations at speed and without expensive or time-consuming development or integration. That’s why we’ve partnered with Motorola to offer our Trusted Home software pre-installed on high-performance mesh Wi-Fi routers. It’s a true turnkey solution for mesh Wi-Fi with a premium level user experience. And it’s available directly from Irdeto.

A complementary piece for your multi-vendor procurement strategy

Trusted Home remains completely vendor agnostic. The software agent can be integrated onto any kind of Wi-Fi router – even for remote deployment to the CPE that’s already in the field. It’s already available on routers from , including Wi-Fi 6 capable hardware. But with the popularity of mesh Wi-Fi growing, service providers may not want to delay their mesh roll-out while they wait for their existing hardware providers to find a space in their roadmap for that integration. The new Trusted Home mesh routers are a solution to that problem.

ISPs can fast-track the roll-out of a high-quality mesh Wi-Fi offering to their subscribers straight away, while maintaining the freedom to deploy the same software to other brands of router in the future – including those they’ve already procured and deployed. Crucially, the ISP can then market a unified connectivity and security management solution to all their subscribers, no matter which CPE they’ve got in their home. That includes those in smaller homes that don’t need mesh Wi-Fi.

High specs eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones

So, let’s take a look at what’s inside the new hardware. The AC2200 routers deliver high-speed, reliable mesh Wi-Fi using Motorola’s Intelligent Tri-Band technology. They offer maximum speeds of 400 Mbps at 2.4GHz and 866 Mbps at 5GHz. A pair of MH7022 routers creates network coverage of up to 830 square meters, with the option to add more routers to support seamless smart roaming around homes of any size.

Cost savings and efficiency benefits for the ISP

Together with the Trusted Home software and the Trusted Home App, the routers are offered with a simple self-install process that will drive subscriber update of mesh Wi-fi without requiring expensive engineer visits. Once they’re in the field, the operator also benefits from faster, more cost-effective support services as their customer care teams have instant visibility of connectivity beyond the router through the Trusted Home Care Portal.

There’s more information about the Trusted Home mesh Wi-Fi routers in our data sheet and you can book a demo here.

Ronald Peters | Product Owner, Trusted Home