“What’s it going to cost me?” This is, naturally, one of the first questions I hear when talking to broadband service providers about the benefits of our connected home management solution, Trusted Home. It’s obviously a natural question for any business to ask, especially when they’re used to the idea that security is a cost center.

But I’d argue they should be asking a much more significant question: How much can it save me?

Indeed, implementing high quality self-care tools for connectivity and security management on the subscriber home network should cut support costs quite dramatically. But what is even better news, is that it will drive your top line as well.  Better service experience means lower churn, and lower churn means more subscribers and higher revenues.  And if it’s offered as a premium service, it can also prove to be a valuable new revenue stream.  All in all, in our experience, Trusted Home can be a profit center rather than a drain on the bottom line.

Quantifying the impact of reducing support calls and truck rolls

Of course, it’s easier to make these arguments when you can quantify the benefits in currency terms. Until now, I’ve been making my case armed only with statistics about the average difference our customers see when they deploy Trusted Home.

It’s compelling when I tell an operator that they’ll likely see a 20-25% reduction in churn and a 5-10% increase in ARPU if they use Trusted Home. They’re also interested when I point out that support call volumes typically drop by around 30%, alongside a 10-15% reduction in truck rolls. But these figures aren’t as impactful as putting an actual value on them.

Thankfully that’s exactly what we can now do. In fact, we’re giving broadband service providers the chance to do it for themselves with our new Trusted Home benefits calculator.

Lower costs, reduced churn, new revenue: A win-win-win situation

If you haven’t already tried the calculator, I think you’ll find it eye-opening. Simply enter some basic information about your business – including number of subscribers, ARPU, annual churn, gross adds and the average number/cost of support calls and truck rolls.

We then provide you a range of values for the Trusted Home value drivers we have observed across our customers (e.g. churn improvement, call and truck roll reduction, and subscription price and take-up if you choose to offer it as a premium service).  You can choose a value in the range or be more conservative…the choice is yours.  And we’ve given you the flexibility to run the numbers multiple times based on your own expectations.

This means you can see the impact of a more conservative outlook – for example if you only saw a 10% reduction in churn or a 15% decrease in support calls. But you can also check what the financial implications would be of a more dramatic drop in truck rolls, or a higher rate of uptake for the new service within your subscriber base. The power is in your hands.

It’s entirely anonymous – we won’t store any of the data entered, unless you ask us to contact you. And it’s not tied to a specific currency so there’s no need to do any conversions, just enter the figures in your operating currency and the results will be calculated accordingly.

You can try it out here.

Let me know what you think

If you’ve had a chance to try the calculator, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

And if you want to learn more about Trusted Home, please fill the form included with the calculator or reach out to me.


Ronald Peters | Product Manager, Trusted Home