It was the winter Olympics that got me thinking. What does it take to be a leader? What are the traits? Although leaders are usually individuals – could those human attributes be translated onto a company?

What makes a leader?
Deloitte identified “The six signature traits of inclusive leadership ” from their survey of 1,000 leaders and 1,5000 employees. They focused on leadership for the “volatile and complex world”. One where there’s diversity of markets, customers, ideas and talent. Would a company with those traits be better placed to be a leader in today’s world? After all companies are really just a bunch of people, all aligned to provide a service or a solution to their customers.

The traits
Let’s see how Irdeto rates against them.


Figure 1: Deloitte’s 6 traits of inclusive leadership

This one’s about personal values. For us, it’s all about security. We’ve been committed to security and protecting our customer’s assets and platforms for more than 50 years.

Being an agent of change is highlighted here. Looking at our media portfolio, there are 2 good examples. Irdeto was the first to offer software CA with its robust security and more cost-effective deployment approach. Then there’s Keys & Credentials. This innovative service breaks CA vendor-lock in by putting the operators back in control of their keys.

Cognizance of bias
Acceptance of bias and concern for its impact are part of this one. Irdeto is an advocate for using open standards. This unbiased, non-proprietary approach provides greater flexibility to our customers.

Coping with uncertainty is central for this trait. Change and divergent thinking is something that’s core to the evolving media industry. For us, it’s about valuing flexibility. We’ve learnt from listening to our customers that there’s no one size fits all. From that dynamic we have developed an ethos of being willing to change – think differently.

Cultural intelligence
For me, Irdeto is a physical representation of this trait. We have over 39 different nationalities across 15+ locations covering 6 continents! And we’re passionate about taking our security expertise into other domains: IOT or connected transport, for instance. Re-using and re-purposing our technology to what’s relevant for those customers.

Here, empowerment is key. Irdeto’s piracy control not only helps content owners and operators to protect their assets against pirates but we have established strong collaboration with law enforcement and ISPs to ensure any countermeasures are truly effective.

How do we rate?
Of course, there’s always room for improvement. But. Feedback from our customers is positive. We’re becoming the chosen security party by many tier 1 brands.

What’s all this got to do with the winter Olympics? As a Swede, it’s hard for me to say – Norway has the most medals ever in the winter Olympics history! A country with only 5 million people is leading much larger countries: USA, China and Russia, etc.

Like Norway, we’re not the biggest in the market. And I think, we’re definitely a medal contender!