It’s not just ‘Porch Pirates’ stealing this holiday season, over the Christmas and New Year’s season digital consumption is up and so is online piracy.

The consumption of online content is continuing its upward surge, even more so around the holiday season. Perhaps unsurprisingly, music and films are the most popular genre of illegal content, with the film industry still suffering from the effects of piracy.

Unlike nice viewers, the naughty viewers prefer to use search engines to find their holiday favorites. With global P2P piracy for popular Christmas titles beginning in early December, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Orthodox Christmas have the highest piracy activity for holiday content on the top four piracy sites, with New Year’s Day bringing in over 2 million consumers alone.

How are consumers viewing content?

The internet is fast, intelligent and adaptive, offering consumers unprecedented freedom in selecting media and entertainment options. With their expectations now at an all-time high, consumers are looking for entertainment this holiday season via advertisements, social media, search engines or simply going directly to a preferred site.

Irdeto investigated global piracy trends during the holiday season and found that 88% of the visits to legal streaming sites were by users directly accessing their preferred site, whereas visits by users directly accessing a preferred pirate site were just 40%.
By contrast, 51 % of visits to the top 4 pirate sites came from search engines, and an additional 7% came from social media and advertisements.

Who tops the global Naughty list?

Our research found that Russia, USA, India, Ukraine and the Netherlands are the most active countries downloading holiday content from the P2P network.

Increased bandwidth and the seamless viewing experience offered by streaming sites has facilitated growth in content redistribution piracy, where visits from “casual pirates” drive the overall popularity of pirate web video sites and support the sustained popularity of P2P sites as sources of high quality pirated video.

The holiday season is fast approaching and people all over the world will enjoy their favorite holiday TV shows and movies. But do they know if they’ve made the nice list or the naughty list this year? Do you? Click here to take the quiz and find out.