Continuing the conversation about next generation TV from our CES fireside chat with myself, Fred Dawson (ScreenPlays Magazine) and Scott Davis (Principal Architect from Charter Communication), in Part 2 we take a deeper dive into the technology challenges.

Here’s a sneak peek about what’s in this 9 minute video.
Scott talks about the issues being faced to make this a practical mass market opportunity. When it comes to the standards, it’s clear that there’s still a choice to be made and that the standards are evolving quickly. What’s right and what’s best for the consumer. The other issue is how to ensure that the content reaches as many TVs as possible. What luminosity value should be selected? How do you decide between offering 10bit or 8bit streams. Then there’s whether HLG or PQ will win out. This part of the series finishes on what needs to happen to get the issues solved. What is the cable industry doing? And what role does CableLabs and standard bodies play in ironing out the wrinkles.

Click here to watch Part 2.

For those of you who may have missed Part 1 , there we covered the market needs and conditions. It’s a short video why not watch both Part 1 and 2 together?