Imagine a world where Pay-TV operators are able to beat the OTT providers at their own game. Offering great content, better device reach and at a reduced operating cost. Making this reality isn’t that far away. The key is a new type of media streaming dongle.

Not all dongles are created equal
The popular HDMI dongle, e.g. Google’s ChromeCast, only allows the consumer to stream OTT content to a TV set using their smartphone, tablet or computer as a remote control. The CI Plus dongle, on the other hand, is more like a STB. This device, in USB form factor, provides a broad range of capabilities, including security, copy protection and a browser. And what’s more, its reach is far greater – covering linear TV, VOD and OTT services such as Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Loving the CI Plus dongle concept
Both TV manufacturers and consumers love the CI Plus dongle. For the manufacturers, it makes TV more relevant. They have invested in hardware within the TV set such as tuners and OTT capabilities. The CI Plus dongle performs the role of descrambling the content: the security, allowing the manufacturer to leverage their GUI and other value added services. Ultimately this makes selling the TV easier. Given the popularity of the HDMI dongle, we predict that the consumer will fall in love with the CI Plus dongle. Why? They don’t need a separate device at home to be able to benefit from the additional media content. They have one device and one GUI for all devices. And, it’s all controlled by one remote control. The CI Plus dongle doesn’t remove the fight for which person in the house “owns” the remote. Maybe in the next version?

CI Plus dongle

CI Plus dongle

Get ahead
It is perhaps the Pay-TV operators who can benefit the most from the CI Plus dongle. Allowing them to get ahead of the OTT service providers. The CI Plus dongle provides a lower barrier of entry when migrating from analogue to digital services. Providing an alternative for the consumer – keeping them as a customer. It is cheaper alternative. Reducing operating costs and providing the operators with a way to get their device into households. And it allows the Pay-TV operator to reach more consumer devices. Innovative Pay-TV operators are offering expats around the world access to local content – such as sports. Not only does the consumer benefit but this also reduces piracy. Consumers no longer have to trawl the internet looking for illegal sports streams to catch the result.

A win win
The CI Plus dongle is a highly secure and feature rich device which allow the Pay-TV operators to be in control and yet offer a cost-effective consumer friendly service which rivals the OTT service providers.