Fast, intelligent and adaptive, online piracy is a growing threat facing pay media operators and content rights holders globally. But with smarter security, we are putting up a fight.

Irdeto recently joined Akamai, the well-known global CDN provider, at their security conference in Paris. We shared our predictions for the future of the market, as well as key insights and analysis on current threats facing the industry, specifically around illegal access to content and the dangers enterprise network infrastructures could face.


Pirates are embracing integrated marketing, leaving media & entertainment providers with more challenges as they manage new technology implementations, combat piracy and address consumer demand for high-quality, multiscreen experiences.

The session drew the interest of industry specialists in video broadcasting, channel broadcast, media content, publishing, and the video game industries. The delegates were particularly interested in discovering the magnitude of piracy in the media and entertainment industry and how widespread it is becoming, specifically in the games industry.

Delegates were surprised to hear that on average, one out of three gamers are playing pirated titles, resulting in major effects to publisher’s return on investment. The first 14 days of a title release is critical. It is within these first 14 days that publishers make up to 80% of their revenue from their new title, ensuring that their business thrives, and more games can be made in the future.

Tackling piracy is a battle that needs to be fought with smart content value protection and cybersecurity technology and services. Click here to download the e-book: ‘Securing the network: the evolution of online piracy and security.’

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