Another IBC has come and gone. What struck me most this year was the diversity. For me, the old saying “variety is the spice of life” was certainly true when you look back at IBC 2015. But what was the stand out theme? Some reports say it was 4K, UHD, or even the cloud. For me, there was one common denominator. One pervasive topic of conversation and that was security.

The hidden requirement
Let’s be frank, security isn’t sexy. It’s the new apps or services which attract the consumers and increases revenue. Consumers expect security to be there and more importantly not to get in the way of their user experience. It is this challenge which content rights holders, distributors and operators need to overcome.

For Hollywood studios it revolves around wanting to protect Blue Ray discs; secure electronic sell through mechanisms and even get deeper insight into global piracy to refine their release strategies. Whereas the conversation changes when talking with Tier 1 operators who are looking to watermark premium content or want freedom of choice to move away from monolithic embedded systems to speed up their time to market: moving to an ‘eco’-system rather than an ‘ego’-system; to steal a wonderful phrase from Thomas Staneker, Head of International TV Service Center, Deutsche Telekom AG.

Ultimately, the underlying requirement for success is frictionless security to protect brand, reputation and revenues. But that doesn’t mean it is purely a technical solution, as the popularity of Irdeto’s piracy lounge indicated.

With over 50 sessions to studios, satellite/ OTT operators and broadcasters the importance of security services was loud and clear – despite the voices of our cybercrime experts becoming hoarser as IBC wore on. The reaction and amazement of what people saw and heard echoed those I described in my earlier post as well as described in the extensive press coverage.

Different but the same
Looking back over the many meetings and discussions, it was clear that customers and prospects all want something different, on different technology. Yes, we were talking about security: security across all platforms. And yet even “all platforms” meant something different. For some it was all their satellite platforms, for others it was all their OTT platforms and for a couple there was even interest in mobile payment platforms. Despite that, they all had the same goal: wanting to work with a trusted security partner with experience of working across all platforms – from satellite to e-commerce.

Standing out from the crowd
As you know from my last blog, there are 5 core characteristics to be such a trusted security partner. Of course such a partner needs a rich broad range portfolio of security solutions and services, as well as a proven track record of success. And although there might be a couple of contenders, I’d like to think that there is only one which truly stands out from the crowd.