Unblocking Super Aggregation (part 3): The Crucial Role of Certification in RDK

In the first and second parts of our blog series on Unlocking Super Aggregation, we covered the importance of RTAB in the future of pay-TV, as well as explained the concept of super aggregation. In this third installment, let’s have a look at certification and its pivotal role, within the context of RDK. We aim to shed light on why certification is crucial for enabling pay-TV operators to successfully deploy video platforms that are optimized for the intricate world of pay-TV business models.

How does certification support super aggregation for pay-TV and telco operators? 

Certification functions as the unshakable foundation upon which the super aggregation strategy thrives within the video entertainment industry. It plays a central role in ensuring that video platforms and their associated systems are secure, reliable and fully compliant with industry standards and best practices.

The significance of certification cannot be overstated, as it offers peace of mind for both pay-TV operators and their discerning subscribers seek.

What are the pivotal roles of certification? 

Certification  guarantees a consistent, high-quality user experience by setting predefined standards and empowering operators to craft tailored business models to align perfectly with the dynamic demands of their target audience. This adaptability positions operators at the forefront of the industry, ensuring they remain agile and responsive.

Additionally, certification assumes a pivotal role in ensuring robust security, and in an era where digital threats and content piracy are prevalent, a certified system offers an impenetrable shield. It safeguards the integrity of both content and the platform, assuring subscribers that their viewing experience is  uninterrupted  and secure.

How can Irdeto help pay-TV operators enhance their user experience? 

Irdeto, a recognized industry leader, has introduced a groundbreaking certification service. As  an influential member of the RDK Technical Advisory Board, we empower operators to fast-track the secure deployment of devices leveraging the RDK Video Accelerator program. This unique certification process ensures that operators can  access premium content from leading applications, enhance their offerings and elevate the overall user experience.

The diagram below provides a high-level overview of the process. The journey begins with the RDK certification process, a meticulous procedure that takes the official RDK Open Source release, certifies on System on Chip (SoC) platforms and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) implementations, through the Video Accelerator program, ensures the certified devices meet the rigorous requirements set by premium app companies.

It also involves ensures seamless integration of ThunderTM services and the deployment of FireboltTM to enable premium app functionality on RDK. Furthermore, it rigorously assesses the performance of apps and services on the platform, laying a foundation for the creation of versatile RDK Video Accelerators based devices, suitable for deployment as retail devices OEM reference platforms or as Managed Operator Devices leveraging Irdeto Certified Secure Experience (ICSE).

To optimize for pay-TV deployment readiness, the ICSE integrates and manages end-to-end security and advanced monetization features to deliver the Irdeto RDK Video Accelerator. It ensures compliance with evolving requirements from organizations like Movie Labs, premium sports content providers, premium apps, premium niche content apps, and custom security needs from operators (e.g. Secure Boot, Field Key Provisioning).

This comprehensive approach empowers operators to enhance security, quality, and scalability while maintaining cost-efficiency. It enables operators to customize their services and align with branding, UI/UX, and unique business models, meeting evolving customer needs and excelling in a dynamic landscape without compromising security.

How can you unlock the full potential of super aggregation? 

ICSE is a testament to the critical role certification plays in enabling pay-TV operators to deliver secure, high-quality, and scalable services. As the industry continues to evolve, certification is not just an option but a necessity, playing a critical role in enabling pay-TV operators to deliver a premium user experience.

It is the key that unlocks the full potential of super aggregation, delivering on the expectations of discerning subscribers and propelling the industry forward. For more insightful information, click on the video below from Irdeto’s keynote at the RDK Global Summit, where our Steve Russell and Bruce Curtin provide you with all you need to know about the world of certification.

Get in touch to explore Irdeto’s RDK Video Accelerator and our all-encompassing super aggregator solutions.

This is part three of the Unlocking Super Aggregation blog series. Let’s sketch effective strategies for pay-TV operators to differentiate and achieve success in the final part of the series.