The pace of change in the media and technology landscape continues at breath taking speed. And the next 5-10 years will see much upheaval in digital content protection. The flexibility of your business model will become even more business-critical.

My earlier post on “Future-proofing your OTT Content Protection” shows how damaging an inflexible approach can be. Until industry standards are set across the whole playing field, you have to think long-term. So, I’ve done a bit of the thinking for you. What are your options using the technologies that exist today, without compromising your future? I believe that the following schemes will give you the best position to build on for the next 5-10 years:

Web Browsers – PC/Mac (via HTML5 EME)

  • PlayReady Smooth Streaming or Flash Access moving to
    DASH/Common Encryption
  • Web – IOS/Android
  • Not possible now, soon via DASH/CENC


  • Irdeto SKE via Pantos HLS or Fairplay via Pantos HLS


  • Irdeto SKE via Pantos HLS or PlayReady via HLS (proprietary)

Windows Phone

  • PlayReady Smooth Streaming moving to DASH/CENC

Set Top Box

  • Irdeto CA/Cloaked CA via Pantos HLS or PlayReady

Connected TV PS3, PS4, Xbox

  • PlayReady Smooth Streaming moving to DASH/CENC

As to what will happen after that? Well, you will have to check back with me and I will
gladly share my thoughts for the next phase.