A great gaming experience is hard to achieve without adequate game security – this statement is often stressed by developers. Yet, when your next title is live, you may realize just how quickly the game turns into a breeding ground for cheaters and pirates.

Indeed, there are many game protection software solutions in the market – but are all of them equally effective? To get the answer, we have asked 200 mobile game developers from around the world about their top challenges, concerns, solutions and everything in between. Based on their answers, we’ve compiled a list of things you should consider when choosing a game protection software solution for your next title. Keep reading to learn all about it!

What key features make an effective game protection software?

  1. The quality of detection is top-notch. Cheating ranks high when it comes to the concerns of mobile game developers, namely in-game transaction frauds and Player versus Player (PvP) cheating. 42% of them find the former as an ongoing security issue for their mobile game and 37% for the latter. So, an effective game protection software solution will not just flag cheaters in your game and call it a day. It will give you clear, proactive monitoring and a real-time view of all cheat-related data. It will also allow you to decide what to do with offenders and block those trying to re-enter your game.
  2. Ease and speed of integration with a game needs to be in check. Mobile game developers are motivated to scale up their security efforts. Almost 88% of them recognize the need to improve this area in the immediate future. But the last thing you want is to apply a time-consuming solution or have to start rebuilding your game in order to be able to make it work. Ease of use is a leading reason why most game developers express satisfaction!
  3. Privacy compliance is another priority, which is a factor that resonates with 47% of mobile game developers. Gamers want to play their favorite titles knowing their privacy is intact and game developers want to be sure that user information and valuable game data are not shared with other parties, competitors in particular. Privacy compliance is an important factor for 47% of mobile game developers.
  4. A reasonable price structure and flexibility is offered. The popular myth that only AAA studios can afford an excellent cybersecurity solution has long since been debunked. In fact, gaming protection does not have to be expensive. The industry offers various pricing schemes for game publishers small and large. The right solution doesn’t have to dent your wallet, it will fit more suitably to your budget.

How can you protect your mobile game?

As a game developer, you should seek out the perfect security solution to protect all the hard work you spent on your title. Whether you are launching a new mobile game or want to protect an existing one, the above features should help you differentiate an OK protective solution from a truly effective one. To start a conversation about protecting your next title, reach out to our experts now.

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