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The mobile gaming industry is growing at a fast rate. The number of active mobile gamers worldwide amounted to over 2.2 billion at the beginning of 2024 and that alone is a good enough reason to provide positive and secure gaming experiences. In this article you will learn about the 5 reasons why investing in security for apps is also beneficial for your business.

Why does your game require protection?

The average age of mobile gamers is 36 years and most play up to five times a week. Gaming serves as a stress reliever, a way to accomplish something new, a platform to connect with others and an immersion into a different world. Gamers are playing for enjoyment and to kick back and relax. Unfortunately, there are always a few who are disruptive and sour the experience for others.

During 2021 there was an average of 1,600 searches per month for hacking iOS and 22,200 for Android. This shows just how badly hackers want to ruin the experience for everyone. A big frustration for casual gamers is encountering an invincible player or being outmatched in skills by a hacker running a scripting sequence or aimbot.

Luckily, you can do something about it. By applying existing anti-cheat and anti-tamper software, you can retain your players and ensure their gaming experience remains fun and fair. In doing so, you will also elevate your game title and ultimately position your brand in a strong light.

So, what are the positive outcomes when protecting your game?

1. You maintain a higher rating score for your game

When you’re on the App Store, Google Play or any other digital application platform, the main public-facing factor driving a new potential player is your game’s rating system. About 60% of users check for ratings and reviews before downloading an app and if the rating is less than 4-stars, 80% of users will not trust the application. You want to aim to achieve higher star-ratings which will mean more app downloads.

Positive reviews and heightened enjoyment from your current player base will ensure that your game reaches a wider audience.

2. Your game sells more licenses

Most of the time, curiosity surrounding your game will be enough to sway a few players to buy, particularly if your game isn’t free-to-play. With anti-tamper technology, you will also gain sales resulting directly from no available pirated copies. When no cracked version is available, the sales figures are typically higher after two or more months than compared to the post crack period. Additionally, positive feedback, either through ratings or word-of-mouth, coupled with being featured by the mobile app stores will also encourage more potential players to check out your game.

3. Your studio generates revenue from in-game purchases

Once you have achieved a loyal and thriving player base, backed by anti-hacking technology, you can maintain your worry-free environment and focus more on developing new downloadable content, as well as in-game rewards and perks. Allowing players to buy cosmetics for their characters gives them another reason to stay, but more importantly it generates you more money. Capcom for example will soon be releasing about 140 DLCs, most of which are merely cosmetics.

4. Your brand maintains full control over distribution

From day one of your game’s release, hackers will be doing their best to crack it and get a free copy out on the web. By choosing to use existing digital rights management software, hardened by anti-tamper technology, you can be sure that your title reaches your audience without the threat of being stolen, tampered with, or cracked. There will also be no malware-infested, or self-crashing copies circulating on the internet.

Your excited player base can enter the long-awaited gaming atmosphere with their legal copy and on equal grounds with their peers, with your full support as the publisher.

5. You ultimately protect your brand

The end goal is to boost and protect your brand so that gamers will flock back when the next title comes along. By using anti-cheat software to protect your gaming experience and anti-tamper technology to preserve your title, you in turn provide a fun, fair and engaging experience for your players to enjoy.

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How can you secure your mobile gaming app?

That’s easy: reach out to us and start the conversation!