Nintendo Switch games are well-loved by players around the world. They are sleek, portable and fun to play. The use of emulators to bring some of the old and nostalgic games to life onto PCs is popular for legacy reasons – but there is a catch. Pirates can misuse emulation and make your licensed games available to the public.

How does game emulation work exactly and what can you do about pirates getting away with it?

How does emulation on PC work?

One Google search will show you a number of free emulators you can download and use to access a Nintendo Switch game.

For those unfamiliar: Emulators replicate a console, Gameboy or any other game-playing platform. The files which emulators use are called ROMs (Read Only Memory) which are digital images of the video game, where the program files are ripped from the original source and ported into a new file format. The game, now in a new file format, can be made available on other hardware systems. For example, Nintendo Switch games running on Switch Emulators for PC.

How does emulation affect game developers?

Emulation of your games can bring undesirable outcomes for your business. Despite emulators being legal, the content being played on it is usually not.

Every game may be available for emulation from its release day. Without gaming protection software, your game can easily fall into the hands of piracy and be shared around for free. Some players will opt to download it instead of paying you for the licensed version, stripping you of your well-deserved revenue and profits. As game developers, you rely on legitimate sales of your titles and as a result, piracy can take a toll on your innovation and future game development.

Also, bear in mind that offering a pirate-able game is not great for your brand reputation either!

How can you stop Nintendo Switch games being emulated?

Your Nintendo Switch games need a protective solution. Emulating games may be harmless in some cases, but at the end of the day, it is still a major means of piracy.

Now – does gaming protection software that secures your titles against emulation exist? Yes, it does!

Our brand new Denuvo Nintendo Switch Protection helps prevent emulation from the get-go and stops pirates from getting hold of your game via the PC.

How does it work? It integrates seamlessly and automatically into your build toolchain and detects differences in the way the game behaves compared to what it has been designed for. In this way, our gaming protection software can tell that your game has been tampered with – and will make it unplayable.

What do you gain by protecting your Nintendo Switch games?

Let’s make it clear: applying gaming protection software against emulation to your Nintendo Switch games will not only stop your games from being pirated – but will also help you secure your income. The gamers will simply have to pay to be able to play your titles. And if they want to play them on their PCs, you have the choice to make it available for them. In this way, you will increase your studios’ revenue coming from multi-platform releases with no extra effort.

Applying Nintendo Switch Emulation Protection will also help you protect your title against bad reviews and preserve (and expand) a precious player base.

How do you start protecting your Nintendo Switch game against emulation?

It’s easy – contact us today!