Protecting Downloadable Content is no longer a challenge!

As hype builds around your game, it becomes a target for pirates. The hacker targets all aspects of your game, including your Downloadable Content (DLC).

While bringing enormous supplementary profits to the game developers and publishers, DLCs have become an easy target. For that reason, it needs to be properly protected. But how would that be possible with no dedicated protective solution for it?

Common types of Downloadable Content

While some DLCs are offered for free, it’s more common that players must pay extra to acquire these add-ons. DLC has therefore become an indispensable part that contributes substantially to game publishers’ revenue stream. It is, however, often poorly protected and can be exploited easily.

DLCs can be delivered in a wide range of formats which are also frequent targets of hackers. For in-game content, DLCs typically include:

  • In-game currency
  • New features: extra characters, maps, levels/challenges
  • Extra items: weapons, power-ups
  • Unlockable skins/cosmetics, such as character outfits
  • An expansion pack that extends the gameplay of the base game

Meanwhile, supplementary content can also be character cards, artbooks, wallpapers or game soundtracks.

Why does your downloadable content need protection?

It protects your revenue

What will happen if players can easily access DLCs without paying for it? It will result in a huge revenue loss for your game. These days, DLCs bring a considerable and constant stream of revenue.  Protecting your DLCs are in your best interest!

Retain the hype for your game

While you work on your sequel or develop the next sizable add-on (multiplayer capabilities to your co-op game perhaps), smaller DLCs can keep the fanbase in a perpetual state of anticipation. Ready to receive your bigger add-ons. DLCs serve as a key factor in retaining the interest of your players and keeping your game alive. The protection of DLCs is therefore equally important.

Ensure an equal and fair landscape for your gamers

Protected content also benefits your players. Hacking DLCs could also be considered a type of cheating, in a game where pirates access new features and items to gain an advantage.  This causes a great imbalance in the gaming environment and frustrates honest players who may not be in a position to purchase the published DLCs. The consequence is that those honest (and frustrated) gamers will likely abandon your game and pick something else.

Don’t let downloadable content become your game’s Achilles’ heel!

The lack of DLC protection may not only deprive you of your well-deserved income, but also kill the fun for your gaming community.

Fortunately, Denuvo SecureDLC – the industry’s first downloadable content protection – can help you out! With a small and simple implementation, the SecureDLC API mechanism revalidates the platform API and optimizes DLC protection effectiveness by blocking access on all fronts.

This new technology is successfully used by our current clients and can easily help you plug the hole in your income.

How can you get started? It’s simple – reach out to us now and tell us about your existing or upcoming DLC!