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Gaming is the classic kick-back-and-relax activity that many individuals enjoy. Whether collaborating or playing solo, gamers are renowned for sharing gameplay moments and engaging with their favorite games. So what keeps them coming back for more?

Gamers’ benefit from protected gaming environments

When studios work on providing the best playing environment, they create opportunities for the player base to engage with their favorite game. The key benefits that gamers experience are:

1. A thriving gaming experience

When a game is protected by anti-cheat software, the positive competitive state of the game is looked after. This means that there is an equal and fair landscape for the players to express their skills, flash their achievements and engage harmoniously with one another.

2. Positive feedback loops

When gamers believe that the developer is actively making the experience better, they feel noticed and are more likely to provide feedback. Their communication with the developer increases their excitement to continue playing the game if they notice their suggestions being implemented, even if only subtly.

3. Downloadable Content (DLC)

As players complete the game, they will yearn for additional gameplay expansions. When DLCs are protected with digital rights management software, the anticipating gamer can be rest assured that they will receive malware-free, high-quality gameplay content to enjoy.

4. Public Beta Environments (PBEs)

Hardcore fans of the game are likely to want to get involved with the testing process. As an incentive and reward for good behavior, gamers can sign up for the PBE where they can play the beta-versions of new characters, or test weapons before the public release.

When the gamer is happy and positively occupied, the game title will be active for longer, leading to more license sales and revenue through in-game purchases.

What does an ideal gaming environment look like?

The ideal gaming environment is one where all gamers feel they are treated fairly. Where they can compete with the natural differences in skill-gaps or laugh with one another at funny moments when fat-fingering the button combination. A protected and cheat-free environment makes for an uplifting experience that inspires fun and laughter.

Unfortunately, there are always a few players that choose to ruin that experience for everyone by giving themselves an unfair upper hand. Typically, gamers will attempt to figure out whether they have encountered a hacker, or just an extremely talented player (they’re known to exist), before growing increasingly frustrated and logging off. As many as 77% of gamers will leave a game permanently if they regularly encounter cheaters. 

How can developers ensure an optimal gaming environment?

The best approach to ensuring an optimal gaming atmosphere is by having a solid strategy for dealing with hackers and other game-breaking scenarios. By incorporating anti-cheat, and anti-tamper software, the pirated distribution of malware-infested copies can be limited.

Additionally, developers can adopt a transparent communication style, where they can make players feel like they are part of the discussion. Successful studios opt for ‘Dev Blogs’ where they give the reader a technical look at what’s happening behind the scenes, from level designs to the incorporation of anti-cheat software, at what privilege level it runs at and how upcoming changes can benefit all players in the gaming sphere.

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