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Payment investigation and disruption: A powerful weapon to combat piracy 

Content is the heart of the video entertainment industry. That is why content owners and service providers want to protect this valuable asset at all costs. Unfortunately, as long as premium content is still well-received by audiences, pirates will constantly find ways to steal and distribute it illegally. Preventing this from happening is not and will never be an easy task. So the time has come to call for a cross-industry commitment to combat piracy. 

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The Critical Entities Resilience Directive (CER) 101 

In parallel with the introduction of the NIS2 Directive, the European Commission has also adopted the Critical Entities Resilience (CER) Directive, focusing on the protection of public and private organizations against physical threats. Both of these Directives aim to increase resilience and counter threats that could disrupt society. It’s time to go deeper into the CER Directive and how it affects the healthcare sector and Medical Device Manufacturers (MDMs).

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Security Vulnerability Metrics and their importance in maintaining the security of connected cars 

Over the last few years, the world has grown accustomed to the growing number of connected vehicles that have internet access and can interact with other devices. This rapid development, however, comes at an expense. The increase in potential cybersecurity risks is rapidly becoming one of the biggest challenges in the industry. What led to these risks and how can we address them? Discover more in our article!

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Is your DRM strong enough against content key exploitation? 

Since many viewers opt to get access to premium content via illegal services, the video entertainment industry has become a profitable game for pirates. While pirates steal content in many ways, key extraction is one of the biggest headaches encountered by this industry. Are you curious how this trick is implemented and how it undermines the streaming service provider’s business? Explore in our article!

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The complexity of medical device cybersecurity requirements: How to cope 

Mitigating cybersecurity risks for medical devices is increasingly a core focus area for regulators, who are driving the establishment of a consistent cybersecurity framework to better facilitate coordination among all parties involved. This emphasizes the importance of Medical Device Manufacturers (MDMs) being aware of and familiar with the latest requirements. The intertwining of requirements, however, creates significant complexity in the medical device cybersecurity ecosystem. How can you cope with this?

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ChatGPT: A curveball for cybersecurity

Many of you will by now have heard of ChatGPT. It’s an interactive and incredibly powerful machine learning tool that can generate human-like responses across a wide range of topics. Every innovation, though, has its pros and cons. While ChatGPT was coded with good intentions, let’s explore how the tool could be problematic from a cybersecurity standpoint.

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